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April 8, 2017

More info under the CONFERENCE tab, including PDF downloads for the April 9, 2016 schedule of sessions, information about the new Richard Bradley Scholarship, and a mail-in registration form .

 A look back at 2016:

Keynote, Lev Raphael

Author of 25 books in many genres, including memoir, historical novel and mystery. He also reviews for WKAR Public Radio; blogs for the Huffington Post on books culture and art, and politics; and teaches creative writing at MSU.
16 breakout sessions
Led by Michigan authors in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, journalism, children’s books, and business matters.
Rally is the warmest, longest-running conference in Michigan. Great speakers, great company, and pretty good cookies.


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We’d like to thank everyone who attended the 2016 Rally for their enthusiasm and for making it a good and rewarding event for those of us who put it on, to say nothing of all the others who contributed throughout the day Schuler Books of the Eastwood Town Center; Gibson’s Bookstore; the Michigan Humanities Council, and the crew of the LCC Conference Services.